About Us

We are committed to ocean health, by developing digital tools that allow the community to manage, understand, respect and make a living on marine resources in the long term. Our main goal is to help marine people, companies, fisher guilds, associations, as well as administrations, to foster and promote sustainable fishing. We also collaborate with research groups from different universities and institutes, supporting their research, transferring knowledge, and disseminating it.

Mareira Bizi addresses three intrinsically connected worlds; creating knowledge through scientific research, using that knowledge to develop tools that help ensuring our ocean’s future and disseminating that knowledge to society.


As a cooperative, we believe in the three pillars of sustainability; social, environmental and economical, because our business promotes social equity, environmental protection, and business ethics.

Social pillar: we are a team of partners; everyone has a vote on each decision process within the cooperative. We work for common objectives.

Economical pillar: innovation is our day to day.

Environmental pillar: we contribute to blue and green recovery and sustainability.